Drawn to Business by Bill Beachy of GoMedia.us

erb Lubalin American Graphic Designer by Adrian Shaughnessy (美国平面设计师Herb Lubalin)

Execute by Josh Long and Drew Wilson (执行)

George Nelson作为建筑师作家设计师教师的乔治尼尔森

Graphic Design Before Graphic Designers by David Jury (先于平面设计师的平面设计)

Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Müller-Brockmann (平面设计中的网格系统)

Interaction Design by Yvonne Rogers, Helen Sharp and Jenny Preece (台湾版《互動設計 跨越人電腦互動》)

Interaction of Color by Josef Albers (重庆大学出版社《色彩构成》)

Just Enough Research by Erika Hall (刚好够的研究)

Kern and Burn by Tim Hoover(内核燃烧)